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“Partnership” Program

“Partnership” Program

Our policy for client and partner relations is aimed at long-term and the most extended cooperation. The majority of our clients and partners cooperate with us for many years. Having purchased only one service in the beginning, nowadays they are using the widest range of those and thus became not only our clients but our partners. And our client and partner base has been attested through long-term cooperation and has positive image only.

“Partnership” program is a mutual idea of Garant-Invest Group and its partners and clients to extend partnership not limited only to one-way relationships. “Partnership” program is based on bilateral cooperation and two-way cooperation when both parties provide their services or goods to one another, mutual promotions, i.e. cash flow is bilateral and each party receives income.

“Partnership” program includes providing priority services to one another, mutual price privileges and discounts, terms and forms of payment, mutual recommendations and advertising providing additional advantages to one another.

Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) provides the following services in scope of the “Partnership” program to its Clients:

  • Banking services under tariff “Partner”

  • Investment and loans

  • Facilitation of the client’s/partner’s business

  • Sales support of the client’s goods/services

  • Lease of office and commercial premises

  • Providing loans for shop and restaurant opening in the shopping centres of Garant-Invest Group

  • Receipt of orders and contracts within the core activity type

  • Delivery to the shops and restaurants of Garant-Invest Group

  • Acquisition and management of commercial real estate

  • Co-investment in the real estate and retail projects

  • Discounts and discount programs in the shopping centres, shops and restaurants of Garant-Invest Group