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Lending and Credit Programs

Lending and Credit Programs

Lending and credit programs for private clients

Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) offers the borrowers, private clients, contemporary credit products for various purposes.

Loans are provided to individuals of positive credit history, stable financial position and confirmed source of income.

Lending and credit program types:

  • loans;

  • credit line;

  • overdraft loans.

Lending and credit program terms:

  • loan currency: Russian rubles, US dollars, euro;

  • loan period: minimum 1 month;

  • overdraft loan amount is determined through calculation and depends on the borrower’s income;

  • interest rate depends on the credit currency, amount and period regarding the risk level;


  • pledge of any liquid real estate which discounted value is sufficient to cover the credit amount and interest;

  • pledge of marketable securities (including savings certificates, bills (notes) issued by the Bank and/or companies of Garant-Invest Group), real estate objects;

  • guarantees or warranties of financially stable companies, banks;

guarantees or warranties of the individuals: directors or founders of the companies.


Dear Client!

Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) does hereby inform you that if within one year the total amount of your payments for all current loan liabilities, including payments for providing a consumer loan, as of the date when the application on providing consumer loan is submitted to the Bank exceeds fifty percent of your annual income,

you will be under the risk of failure to fulfil consumer loan contract liabilities and may suffer penalties!