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Payroll Programs

Payroll Programs

Payroll programs are contemporary solutions for salary payment to the company employees. The contemporary banking product is oriented both on legal entities and individuals. Payroll programs are based on payment systems VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide: the most renowned payment systems worldwide that provide much more advantages compared to other banking cards.

The proposed program will help the enterprises and companies to:

  • decrease time for the accounting cash transactions processing and expenses on security during delivery and storage of cash funds;

  • expedite salary payment procedure;

  • secure confidentiality of information on the employees’ payroll;

  • eliminate the procedure for depositing the payroll uncalled by the employees.

The proposed program will help the enterprise or company employees to:

  • promptly receive salary payment at any time in more than 70 ATMs or exchange offices in Moscow and Moscow Region, commission free, as well as in branches and ATMs of the other banks;

  • pay for the goods and services in the trade and service companies in the Russian Federation and abroad;

  • eliminate problems related to monetary funds' declaration when travelling abroad;

  • receive additional income as interest accrued by the Bank for the card account balance;

  • guarantee total security of the monetary funds.

In scope of the proposed program, Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) offers to:

  • select VISA and MasterCard payment products which are most convenient for your business while taking into account the salary and position differences of your employees in payroll procedure;

  • issue and maintain the credit cards for the employees:
    — credit up to100% of the month salary;
    — renewable expenditure limit.

  • automate process for funds allocation and payment to the company employees;

  • withdraw cash from banking cards in the network of ATM, exchange offices and branches of the Bank at reduced rates in the Russian rubles and US dollars.

Improve payroll system for your employees by switching to the payroll program provided by Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC)!

Payroll Service Contract for the Legal Entities