Internet Card is a convenient and efficient instrument for Internet shopping; it is issued as a separate account from the primary banking account that increases security level of Internet transactions. Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) takes care of the security of transactions settled with the banking cards and offers its Clients to add “3D-Secure” technology to the Internet Card and pay online in the secure mode.

MasterСard Standard PaуPass – banking cards equipped with the chip operating under the innovative technology MasterCard PayPass. Such cards enable the Clients of Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) to pay for the goods and services in a single contact. In order to make a payment, you just need to touch the wireless reading device at the cashier’s desk or the terminal designed with MasterCard PayPass logotype with your banking card.

The funds will be debited from the card, and in case of small payment amount you will not need to enter PIN code or sign the receipt. The increased security is ensured through the card holder not leaving its card with MasterCard PayPass technology out of his or her sight during payment. Such cards are especially convenient for payment in places where swiftness is critical and the amount is little: gas stations, cafes, public transport.

School Student Banking Card – additional banking card for the child is issued to the parent’s primary card account. A modern and reliable alternative for daily allowance of your child. If you order the banking card for your child, you will not have to give him or her pocket money every day, and you can also control his or her expenses.

  • Reliable and convenient: compared to cash which can be lost or stolen, the card can be blocked and/or re-issued.

  • Financial responsibility and discipline: manage limits established for the card through increase or decrease of the maximum amount to settle wire transactions and/or withdraw cash.

  • Supervision on the child’s purchasing with the card: report on all transactions are available in the Remote Banking System “Private Client” and will be forwarded to your mobile phone as SMS or e-mailed.

Financial support: the child staying in the other city can use the card. If required, you can also increase the amount deposited on the card account.