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Banking Cards

Banking Cards

Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) offers to issue international banking cards of the payment systems Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide as well as utility card Priority Pass.

Banking cards are accepted for payment in the million points of sales worldwide. You can withdraw cash in any of the hundred thousand ATMs. Upon your discretion, the funds may be withdrawn in the local currency for you to be relieved from plenty of problems during your travel; and in terms of border crossing, also from the requirement to declare the funds credited to the card.

International banking cards provide you with the following opportunities:

  • to make payments free of commission in the points of sales in any currency;

  • to pay for the goods and services online as well as to book hotel rooms and car rentals;

  • to withdraw cash in ATMs in various currencies;

  • to ensure secured deposit of funds;

  • to receive discounts in trade and service facilities.

Value added services:

  • overdraft;
  • SMS/E-mail informing;

  • service “3D-Secure”

  • international utility cards Priority Pass;

  • foreign travel insurance;

  • Service “Mobile Payments”;

  • Remote Banking System “Private Client”.

Credit cards for individuals

Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) offers the individuals to issue banking cards with agreed overdraft.

  • Agreed overdraft limit up to 450 thousand rubles.

  • Replenishable expenditure limit.

  • Monthly minimum payment amounts to 10% of the overdraft debt and the interest accrued.

Upon your first request, the Bank will provide a detailed statement of credit and debit transactions settled with the card.

We are kindly asking you to perform the following instructions:

  • Store PIN code separately from your credit card, beyond reach of unauthorized persons.

  • Don’t transfer your card to other persons, even temporary.

  • Don’t write the PIN code down on your card.

  • Remember that during payment for the goods (services) via point-of-sale (POS) terminal, the receipt will be printed in two counterparts. Prior to the receipt signing, please make sure that the indicated amount matches the actual amount.

  • Keep the documents for the settled transactions (slips, receipts, etc.).

  • In case of the card loss, you should immediately take all reasonable efforts to block the card.

  • In order to block the card, please call:

    +7 (495) 650-90-03 (open hours)

    Or to the 24/7 Client Support Service

    +7 (495) 723 - 77 - 21
    +7 (495) 723 - 78 - 21

    Please be advised to monthly verify your expenditures with the banking statement.

Attention to the banking card holders!

Dear holders of the payment cards issued by Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC)!

We would like to inform you on increasing fraud cases with the banking cards including SMS fraud.

  • the card holder receives the false SMS that alerts on the possible card blocking, the card being blocked or any other card malfunctions;

  • the message contains a telephone number to call in order to unblock the card and receive advisory support, explanation, detailed information or a telephone number to send SMS to with banking details of your credit card in order to unblock it;

  • during the phone conversation, the violators will try to get the card details.

Please be advised that Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) does not send any messages on the card blocking directly to Clients. In case you receive such SMS or in suspicious cases, please contact the Bank immediately. Please note that the Bank employees will never ask you to provide information on the card validity term, CVV2/CVC2 code and the PIN code.

Telephone numbers of the Bank (495)694-00-78, 24/7 Service Centre (495)723-77-21 and (495)723-78-21 are published at the Bank website as well as on the reverse side of your banking card for you to compare with the number indicated in the received SMS.

If you have encountered other telephone frauds, please firstly contact the Bank and secondly inform your mobile operator. If the details of your banking card have become known to the violators or the funds have been debited or withdrawn from your card, please contact the police.


Value added services: