Social and Public Activities

Social and Public Activities

Over a number of years, an integral part of Garant-Invest Commercial Bank (JSC) business has been social and public activities carried out in cooperation with enterprises of Garant-Invest Group.

Garant-Invest Group extensively works with veterans: renders support, organises festive events and commemorative meetings, collaborates with Councils of Veterans.

Various social programmes are organised for children. Garant-Invest Group acts as a sponsor and organiser of children's sports clubs, adolescent competitions, children's arts festivals.

Garant-Invest Group pays much attention to sport development. Memorable meetings and tournaments with veterans of sports and Olympic champions are the most valuable.

Support of the cultural heritage of our country, charity, and patronage of arts have become part of Garant-Invest Group's daily life.

Garant-Invest Group partners and provides charity support, sponsors or patronises a number of public and social organisations, maintain traditions of art patronage, undertakes social responsibility for the influence of its business over its clients and partners, employees, and society in general.

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